A Different Approach

We start with listening. We ask you, your teams and most importantly your potential end users lots of questions about roles, pay rates, resource scheduling, staff rostering, labour management, working hours, business rules, current pain points and more to get under the skin of your business.

We then configure the system initially based on our discovery and deploy Schedule and Attendance Management. This gives you the visibility you need to find out what’s performing well and what needs to change – and we tweak the configuration based on your feedback.

We train your staff and managers to use the system. Then it’s time to go live.

While Schedule and Attendance Management is gathering data about the workforce, we can begin the configuration of the Forecasting Labour Demand module. Our consultancy team will work alongside you to identify and analyse relevant business drivers (the activities that need to be performed and the work that they generate).

We can then forecast many drivers, like sales, footfall and delivery, and use these to produce labour demand forecasts.



Throughout all of this, there’s no disruption to work processes. And we’re refining your system all the time.

Next it’s Advanced Scheduling. We match staff to labour demand and work out how to change your current schedules to improve the effectiveness of your workforce. All relevant information is made available to your staff to analyse. Users at different levels in your business hierarchy can find information relevant to them to help them make decisions.

Schedule and Attendance Management also offers a 5-star Schedule Quality Rating (SQR) metric that makes it easy to see how well a schedule is performing. People at a corporate level define the meaning and weighting of this KPI.





At Workplace, we guide you through the implementation process and stay with you for the long term.

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