Delivering end-to-end at Morgan’s

Supa IGA are the largest and busiest supermarkets in the IGA group, a conglomeration of independents. Morgan’s IGA owns and operates five Supa IGA supermarkets. They employ over 400 casual, part-time and full-time employees and serve tens of thousands of people.

Morgan’s were managing rostering and timesheet management in stores, but processing reporting and payroll at head office. Each IGA store manager was responsible for managing their own rosters and timesheets.

Existing stores were using legacy time and attendance application but new stores needed something newer.

They invited us to develop a better way to manage their rosters, their forecasts and their people, just as they were about to open their fifth store.



The challenge

The existing software wasn’t supported and was showing its age.

It was store specific. Stores had to send information to head office manually.

Data had to be exported to Excel to be collated and generate reports.

Morgan’s needed a solution that would:

  • integrate with their existing time collection hardware
  • allow rostering and forecasting across lots of departments
  • provide accurate forecast and actual wage costs
  • deliver real-time and instant reports.


Our approach

We wanted to come up with a solution that met the challenges and gave Morgan’s extra benefits through the internet, email and SMS.

The new software allows them to:

  • automatically create rosters across lots of departments
  • optimise rosters based on state awards and workplace agreement requirements
  • give employees, department managers, store managers and Morgan’s management different levels of access
  • automatically generate employee timesheets (showing exceptions, and rostered, actual and paid times)
  • automatically calculate employee awards
  • export employee timecards directly into payroll.


The results

We created a new web-based solution on Morgan’s existing infrastructure. It gave our client big cost and time savings they could manage across their stores.

Morgan’s now have a streamlined employee management process. They’ve made:

  • creating weekly rosters quicker and easier
  • costing future and past rosters more accurate
  • processing employee timecards instant
  • real-time reporting across multiple departments and locations a reality.

We’ve gone on to enhance the system and install it in other IGA supermarkets.


‘Workplace has allowed us to streamline our employee management process in a way which is easy for store managers and employees to access and use. Store managers are able to view and adjust their rosters according to salary budgets and can then view the actual costs of a shift once the shift has ended.’

‘The time required to process employee paysheets each week has been significantly simplified and now takes a few minutes each week, instead of the several hours required before using Workplace.’

Simone Palise, payroll manager at Morgan’s IGA