Hundreds of shifts, one solution

ACES are a top security company in New South Wales, Australia. They provide venue and event security at concerts and licensed venues, specialising in crowd management. Clients include the Sydney SuperDome, Eastern Creek Raceway, The Rocks Precinct, Sydney Olympic Park and Fox Studios.

ACES manage around 1,000 casual, part-time, full-time and contractor employees. They often work on dozens of events a week. Before they spoke to us, they were spending several days a week managing employee rostering and timesheet management.

They invited us to develop a better way of managing their people and workload.


The challenge

The existing system needed a full-time roster manager to look after rosters. This person had to match employees with several hundred shifts and tell people when and where they’d be working. They were filling in paper timesheets at each venue and faxing them to head office for processing.

There were many challenges.

  • Managing dozens of event and venue rosters
  • Communicating and confirming hundreds of shifts a week
  • Managing which employees need which licence – first aid, security and others
  • Task coding, job coding and managing all timesheets for each event and venue

ACES were spending too much time and money managing their workforce. They needed a solution that would solve short-term problems and benefit them even more as they continued to grow. It had to allow them to:

  • create and adjust complex rosters now and in future
  • confirm shifts by SMS
  • view and approve timesheets (for event and venue managers)
  • integrate a new system into the existing payroll system, including job codes and employee cost codes.


Our approach

We wanted to develop a solution that met the challenges and gave ACES extra benefits through the internet, email and SMS.

The new software allows them to:

  • automatically generate rosters for each venue and event
  • optimise rosters based on employee working conditions
  • make sure employees meet legal requirements and are qualified to work specific shifts
  • text and email employees with upcoming shifts, including job notes and uniform requirements
  • create web-based for each event, including task coding and other information
  • export timesheets for payroll and accounts processing.


The results

ACES have streamlined the way they communicate with their employees. They can now boast:

  • a big reduction in management time spent creating weekly rosters
  • instant communication and confirmation of shifts to all employees
  • management of ACES and subcontractor employees
  • 24/7 access of rosters and timesheets for venue and event managers.


‘Workplace has delivered us a solution which allows us to manage our event rosters with relative ease. Our managers are now able to spend their time on more important activities than creating and communicating our weekly rosters. Our venue and event managers are able to create and edit rosters weeks in advance, and the specific security features of WorkPlace ensure we are always compliant with our legal requirements. ’

‘The ongoing enhancements which Workplace have developed will allow us to further consolidate our management processes.’

Leni Ison, general manager at ACES