Collaborating to Deliver Value to Your Customers

At Workplace we firmly believe that participating in a best-of-breed ecosystem is the optimal way to create value for our customers. Our SaaS product enjoys the simplicity of standard API integration and seamless workflows with complementary products. Workplace is proud to integrate with a wide range of workforce management technologies.


Why Workplace?


Hundreds of the most successful global brands use Workplace to optimize their workforce schedules.


Workplace is easy to sell and quick to implement.


Increase your customer satisfaction by helping them increase theirs.

Workplace Collaborate Partner Program

Workplace Collaborate is a flexible program that grows with your business. The program is designed to provide support based on your organization’s business model, level of engagement, and commitment to building a successful partnership with Workplace.

Reseller Partner

You are experienced in selling and supporting SaaS solutions and include Workplace in your product portfolio. Your commitment is rewarded by sales and marketing support and a healthy margin.

Referral Partner

We supply you the sales tools you need to identify opportunities to refer to Workplace, generating additional revenue for your business.

Technology Partner

Our jointly supported integrated products increase the value of our mutual customers’ technology investments.