Our Clients

Our Clients

Our Cloud-based workforce management products are used by organizations across the globe, in several verticals including retail, hospitality and leisure, and contract labor and labor hire. We deliver excellent visibility – so our clients can focus on what’s happening across their whole organization and make improvements. We listen, challenge, respond to our clients’ needs and apply our expertise to bring every customer the biggest benefits.

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Our clients include:
Rite Aid, H&M, Next, Coral, Metro, Co op, MCG, Ritchies, Wickes, Aces, Morgans, IGA, World Kitchen, DW Sport and Bourne Leisure


Sectors we work in


We work with many well-known brands across the world – from small stores with 3–6 employees to large warehouses with over 1,000 people. These include fashion, pharmacy, hardware and grocery stores. We help customers:

    • improve visibility of planned and actual attendance
    • increase sales through improving customer service levels
    • reduce operating costs
    • match labor demand to customer demand
    • improve schedules at peak retail periods, like Christmas
    • provide easy access to schedules and available shifts anytime, anywhere to increase associate engagement
    • manage large number of associates through a simple system

Up to 70% of buying decisions are still made in store. So associates need to become an extension of the brand and its values. This gets customers coming back and spending more. The challenge is making sure the right associates are doing the right tasks at the right time. Your challenge is to keep them happy and motivated.

Schedule too many associates and you waste money. Not enough and you can lose sales by disappointing customers. And fail to give employees what they need and they’ll leave. We can help you increase sales by empowering your associates and creating better schedules.


Hospitality & Leisure

Employees make up the biggest operating cost in the hospitality and leisure industry – typically between 12% and 40% of sales. This means getting scheduling right is particularly important.

Employees themselves need to be and want to be more flexible in today’s 24-7-365 businesses. Our product allows employees anytime, anywhere access to their schedules and available shifts. It also helps organizations manage their people more effectively, as well as making sure they comply with local, state and federal legislation.

Workplace Online enables you to:

    • proactively offer available shifts
    • record data, like clocking-in and clocking-out times
    • manage schedules at peak leisure periods
    • manage what’s on the road ahead through exception alerts to premium spend

Success comes from the people who work for you, and the profitability of a hospitality business depends on customer experience. To offer the best service, it’s tempting to schedule more people. But this can lead to overstaffing and damage margins. On the other hand, scheduling too few employees to cut costs can lower customer service levels, damaging sales and your reputation.

You need a balance – the right staffing levels to meet demand (while keeping costs low). This will increase popularity of the business and boost profits.


Contract Labor & Labor Hire

Companies in this industry sector deliver a service that another company has outsourced. Services include support, facilities, building, catering, security, washroom, gardening and infrastructure. They all face the same challenges.

Events need impeccable management. The bigger the event, the more you need to know about demand for people and the ability to provide labor. Our products help security companies and venues like Melbourne Cricket Ground to manage their people and their time.

  • manage staff working on different tasks
  • know whether to employ full-timers or part-timers
  • understand your demand
  • get help with billing