About Us

About Us


Workplace helps consumer-facing sectors like retail, hospitality and leisure to increase sales by creating schedules that improve customer service. Deploying sufficient employees with the right knowledge and selling skills will increase customer satisfaction and maximize revenues.

Here are the top six levers we concentrate on with our clients:

Increasing Customer Service

Maximizing sales by shaping budgeted labor hours more effectively within a week or day – improving coverage of predicted demand and using your most able employees at the busiest times

Making Schedules More Effective

Coaching managers to build schedules that embed corporate best practice and match consumer demand – but that also fit in with employee availability and aspirations

Visibility of Performance

Equipping branch and area managers across your estate with up-to-date sales, conversion, labor cost and traffic data so they make better decisions faster – increasing consistency of performance

Improving Employee Engagement

Customer-facing employees with a positive attitude will service and sell more effectively, so keep them in the loop by sharing more information and offering them easy shift swapping and bidding

An Agile and Empowered Culture

Enabling schedulers to create and iterate schedules for each day, week and month based on up-to-date demand forecasts; and for all users to share news on the latest offers and successes

Speed to Value

Some workforce management implementations take years to implement and never deliver results. With our proven rapid-implementation approach Workplace Online can be up and running in weeks