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Workplace is the world’s first employee-centric forecasting and scheduling tool optimized for employers of hourly-paid workers. Our SaaS smart scheduling product gives performance visibility to HQ, empowers location managers to shape schedules that reflect local conditions and engages employees, delivering work-life balance and satisfaction levels to improve customer service and drive revenue.

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Our Schedule Quality Rating provides performance visibility for corporate headquarters so they can make better decisions faster.
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We help retailers use smarter workforce management software to improve customer service.
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Collaborative scheduling is proven to improve customer service levels by getting the right people, in the right place, at the right time, with the right attitude.
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  • “Workplace helps our stores to not only create effective schedules, it allows us to create them efficiently.”

    Gordon Reid
    Gordon ReidHead of Systems Administration
  • “It is easy to use for employees, reliable and gives us excellent visibility and control of our workforce. It’s a real example of how SaaS has efficiently delivered a reliable, scalable product of strategic importance to the company.”

    Andy Hicks
    Andy HicksCentral Operations Director
  • “Workplace helps empower our people by giving them the answer to the test.”

    Dawn Bernick
    Dawn BernickDirector of Operations
  • “Workplace has certainly streamlined our processes. I think it’s definitely been beneficial.”

    Kathryn Cole
    Kathryn ColePayroll Manager

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